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Rhythm Beads: Necklaces for Your Horse

Notice 12-20-2017: We are aware that there are currently some issues with the bead designer and are working to remedy them. Stay tuned!

Rhythm BeadsElatedEquine.com is your source for unique, custom-designed rhythm beads for the equines you love! Rhythm Beads (sometimes called "speed beads") not only enhance the natural beauty of your horse, but help build rhythm/cadence and help you both to stay calm and focused in stressful situations. Learn more about rhythm beads

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Complete the short registration process to gain access to the rhythm beads designer. Create your account now or Log In using the form on the left if you already have an account. Once you have created your account, you can either purchase a 1-year membership ($5) or a lifetime membership ($10). Either option will allow you to create unlimited patterns, as well as access detailed instructions on how to make your rhythm beads. Take the tour to see the benefits of an ElatedEquine.com memebership.

Design your rhythm beads...

Choose your colors, pattern, string and bells, and see what your design would look like on YOUR horse, right now! You can save your patterns and generate instructions that will tell you exactly what you need (bead colors and number of each bead needed) and details on how to make your necklace. Best of all, you can design unlimited necklaces for a low yearly subscription fee. Take the tour to learn more.