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What Are Rhythm Beads?

What are Rhythm Beads?

Rhythm BeadsSometimes referred to as "speed beads" or "horse necklaces" our rhythm beads are colorful necklaces for your horse that have bells that jingle in time with your horse's movements. Native Americans used beads and shells to become one with their horses and help protect them both from danger. The gentle, tinkling sound of the bells on our horse necklaces has been shown to calm spooky horses as well as help you and your horse develop your natural rhythm. Rhythm beads are also great for signaling your presence on trail rides.

The materials we recommend include plastic pony beads, leather cord and metal jingle bells (all easily found at craft stores). Should the necklace become caught on an immovable object, the leather string will break, freeing your horse. However, for safety's sake, please don't leave your equine unattended while he is wearing his rhythm beads. ElatedEquine.com is not responsible for any loss or injury that may occur from the use of rhythm beads.

We recommend adding an alligator clip or hairpin to attach the necklace to your horse's mane, so that when he lowers his head (to take a drink of water, for example), the necklace stays in place.

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How to MeasureHow to Measure Your Horse

Measure, in inches, completely around your horse's neck. The necklace should fall right on the line where your horse's neck meets his body (his "drive-line"). Add an inch or two to this measurement so the necklace will hang comfortably around your horse's neck.

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